Thursday, October 13th, 2016


Woman Stuck By Vehicle At Radford Rd. and Pennsylvania Ave. This Evening

Paramount Emergency Medical Services on the scene, at Radford Road and Pennsylvania Ave.


As a call came into dispatch around  5:40 pm this evening. A Paramount Ambulance with a professional crew came across the scene and rendered assistance to a  28-year-old woman that was hit by a vehicle. City officer advised that Paramount had patient collared and  boarded for possible transport.                                                                                                                                  

City dispatch told the officer to notify Paramount not to transport that it was not their jurisdiction.  Dubuque Medic 552, along with Paramedic Engine 502 and  Incident Commander Unit 528, Dubuque Police and the Asbury Police were on scene. 


Dubuque Medic 552 transported the female to Finley Hospital.




Paramount Emergency care rendering service to the struck pedestrian

Paramount Medical Services and Dubuque Fire Units

    Tuesday, October 16th  Culvers Restaurant Storage                     Fire     ​

















Report of an outer building on fire came into dispatch this afternoon. Fire units responded to Culvers Restaurant, on Asbury and Holiday Drive and found the storage unit in the back of the store fully involved.


Dubuque, fire crews put the fire out with no problems and the Restaurant suffered no damage due to the quick response by the Dubuque Fire Department and is still open for business.


The Dubuque Fire Department has not yet released any information on what
Started the fire.

Fire crews on scene at Culvers Restaurant 

Asbury Police Officer blocking traffic on Holiday Drive

Dubuque Police cruiser blocking traffic and Dubuque Fire Truck Ladder 512

Asbury police cruisers blocking traffic on Holiday Dr.

  Friday, October 7th, 2016 Shots fired now becoming a  weekly Occurrence in Dubuque


Saturday, October 8th, 2016


According to police scanner traffic, a 911 call came into dispatch for a report of shots fired in the 8th and Wilson Street area . Multiple police units responded and determined the shots came from the Spruce Street
Jefferson Street Area. According to Dispatch several subjects ran into
a brick home on University Street Area. 


Dubuque Police Interviewed witnesses who heard multiple shots and remained on scene to investigate. There was no report of injuries or Damage. 


This case is still under investigation. Anyone with information please call the
Dubuque Police Department at 563-589-4415

Patrol Officers collecting evidence on Jefferson Street.

Photo of police units on University Ave.

Photo of a patrol unit on spruce and University Ave.

October 6th, 2016

A call came into the Dispatch Center around 8:20 P.M for a report of a disturbance with the possibly of shots fired in the 600 block of Edith St. The caller reported, she could hear a lot of arguing with shots fired according to police scanner traffic. Dispatch advised they had multiple calls and it sounds like the vehicles had struck each other as well.


According to dispatch one vehicle has a door ripped off of it. The vehicle involved was a white Cadillac second vehicle white Chevelle 4 door it was not confirmed of any shots being fired.  


Dubuque Police Department are still investigating this incident.


Photo of Police officers on the scene

Photo of Police patrol unit blocking off Edith St.

    Rhomberg murder still remains unsolved one-year latter

                  October 4th, 2016



On Oct 4th, 2015 Dubuque police responded to the 700 block of Rhomberg Ave.where they found  James D Richardson, of Freeport Illinois, known by "Jimmy" to many dead. Police found a gun at the scene and shell casings. Police also questioned two men who may have been involved and one was arrested on a warrant for a parole violation. Both were later ruled out.


The Dubuque Police Department is asking for the public's help and needs the help of witnesses that may have been there that night to come forward.


If you have any Information contact the Dubuque Police Department at










Saturday, October 1st 2016

Kmart hosted their 2nd annual National  Safety weekend.  It had a great turn out. Many families came out to show support for the event. 


The vehicles on display were emergency ambulances, Dubuque police, Dubuque County Sheriff department vehicle, Paramount Ambulance Services, and Advanced Medical transport ambulance. 



Families viewing Paramedic Engine 505 in Kmart's Parking Lot

Marvin Ney with Paramount Ambulance Services. 

Nick and Dan with Dubuque Emergency Medic 552. 


Member of our local Dubuque Police Department. 

A member of our local Dubuque Sherriff's Department. 

Members of Dubuque fire department Engine 505

The Advanced Medical Transport vehicle. 

Racial slurs painted on Dubuque duplex                                       9-29-2016

Dubuque police are investigating an incident that took place at a duplex at 920 and 925 West 5th St.

Police found a racial slur and the phrase we sell heroin. The case remains under investigation.


Two More Arrests Made In Collin Brown Murder Case                            9-23-2016











Dubuque Police arrested Corby Yager, 20, of Dubuque on a warrant at an apartment in the 1900 block of Jackson Street Tuesday. Yager is charged with second-degree burglary in connection with the Collin Brown Murder case that took place April 2nd, Collin,21, was murdered during a planned robbery at his mobile home at Table Mound I Trailer Park.


This is the sixth arrest made in this case. Sunday Jeremy Dukes a suspect in the Collin Brown murder case was arrested in Chicago for a Robbery, and on an Iowa warrant, for conspiracy to comment a felony, Duke is awaiting extradition to Iowa.


There is still one remaining suspect in the Collin Brown murder case. Eric D Campbell, Jr, 30, of Dubuque, wanted for 1st-degree burglary.

 Sunday 9/25/2016 Shots Fired One Subject Shot Sunday  Morning 

Police responded to shots fired Sunday morning around 12:37 a.m in the area of 15th and Jackson St. Patrol officer advised he heard approximately 8 shots fired. According to police scanner traffic, several units responded to the scene.


Officer advised he had a black Cadillac turning left on central at a high rate of speed. Officers tried stopping the vehicle and got in a pursuit with the vehicle. Officer advised speeds of 60 miles per hour. The pursuit ended at Finley hospital in front of the emergency room entrance of the building. Officer on scene  advises the driver has been shot in the chest, and they got medics outside, that are transporting him in the emergency room.  Witnesses on scene advised the shots came from the Cadillac. 


Update: Dubuque Police Department releases the name of the driver shot


Michael C. Lewis 28, of 150 Loras Blvd. Was treated and released and is not cooperating with police at this time and the shooter is still at large and not in custody. 


"Shooter was described as a black male dressed in all black"


The incident remains under Investigation By Dubuque Police Department anyone with information can call Police Dispatch at 563-589-4415


We will continue to follow this story, check back for the latest updates.

Police Crime Scene Photo at 14th and Jackson St.

Photo of several units on scene at Finley Hospital

Photo of the vehicle that was in the pursuit

Photo of police searching the vehicle

Photo of the police questioning  a subject

Update Saturday Shots Fired Call

Monday, September  19th, 2016

The suspect in Saturday night shots fired call was a juvenile male.


The juvenile was questioned and released had nothing to do with the shooting. Police are still investigating the incident.

Shots Fired Late Saturday Night

September 18th, 2016


A Dubuque Police Officer was in the area of 15th in Jackson when 3 shots rang out and the officer took off on foot after a suspect Saturday night just before midnight. The Officer caught the suspect in the 14th and White Street area.


The male suspect immediately told the officer there was another suspect in the area. He was transported to Dubuque Law Enforcement Center.


Officers cornered off the area and searching the area

for evidence. 


Follow this story for more updates as more

information becomes available.




Dubuque Fire Department members remember 9-11


Members of the Dubuque Fire Department came together with members of the community on a bright Sunshiny 9-11 morning to remember.


Fire Chief Rick Steines spoke of the events that morning, the loss of innocent lives and of the 345 brave firefighters members and members of other agencies who gave their lives on September 11, 2001.

Chief Rick Steines and Assistant Fire Marshall Mike McManhon at the 9-11 Memorial 

Fire Chief Rick Steines

speaks of the events that happen on 9-11.

Dubuque Fire Department Assistant Fire Marshall  Mike Mcmahon performs the 4/5 ceremony,

which is in honor

of a fallen Fire Fighter. 


Members of the Dubuque Fire Department at the  9-11 Ceremony Sunday

 9-11        Remembrance

Dubuque Fire Department members from Engine 503 Medic 552  pictured left

to right Dan Dietzel ,Ron Reinert, Gary Kramer.Right side Bob Fitzpatrick ,

Nick Esch. At 9-11 Memorial


Gary Kramer Bob Fitzpatrick Ron Reinert


The Dubuque Fire Department will be holding a short service in remembrance of the events that took place September 11, 2001.The event is being held at 8:55 a.m. Sunday, September 11, 2016, at the 9-11 memorial on the campus of the Dubuque County Emergency Responder Training Facility on 14298 Public Safety Way off of Seippel Road.


The Dubuque Fire Department will present a traditional ceremony to recognize firefighters and emergency personnel that lost their lives on 9-11. The ceremony will take place at 8:56 a.m. ( CST ) in conjunction with the time  WTC tower one fell. The ceremony will last 15 minutes and the public is invited to attend


Special thanks to Dubuque Fire Chief Rick Steines and members of the Dubuque Fire Department for this Tribute  

Dubuque-All That Jazz                             9-2-2016

All that jazz festival had a great turnout several people enjoyed dancing the night away at the town clock. Photos were taken by the Dubuque In Pursuit Photographer

Crush (Community Resources United Against Heroin)  Awareness Vigil

<< New image with text >>

A community came together Wednesday, Aug 31-2016 evening at Washington Park, to listen to individuals whose lives who have been ruined by opioid and heroin addiction. One woman told of her struggle with addiction and is celebrating two years of being sober.   In the year 20016, there have been 23 overdose cases and 9 deaths. The Dubuque police have made several arrests this year for the distribution of heroin. Even with arrests Dubuque police say heroin is still being distributed in our community.

Dubuque Man Charged With Assault While Displaying A Dangerous Weapon

June 23rd, 2016 11:29am.


On August 10th, Carissa Daniel, 31, was trying to break into the Dubuque home of Mathew Drake. Mr. Drake, a (CCW) concealed weapons permit
Holder, who drew his weapon and made a citizens arrest protecting his home. Drake called the police and  fully complied with the police when they arrived and Carissa Daniel was arrested and charged with drug paraphernalia.  Daniel had no weapons at the time of her arrest.


On Monday Mathew Drake was charged with assault while displaying a dangerous weapon a serious misdemeanor. According to Mathew Drake on Facebook, "the woman was attempting to burglarize my home according to Iowa State code 804 10.1) I was will within the law to use reasonable force."


A private person who makes or assists another private person in
      making a lawful arrest is justified in using any force which the
      a person reasonably believes to be necessary to make the arrest or which the person reasonably believes to be necessary for preventing  serious injury to any person.
        A private person who is summoned or directed by a peace officer assist in making an arrest may use whatever force the peace officer could use under the circumstances, provided that, if the arrest is unlawful, the private person assisting the officer shall be justified as if the arrest were a lawful arrest, unless the person knows that the arrest is unlawful.  


704.1 Reasonable force.


Reasonable force is that force and no more which a reasonable person, in like circumstances, would judge to be necessary to prevent an injury or loss and can include deadly force if it is reasonable to believe that such force is necessary to avoid injury or risk to one's life or safety or the life or safety of another, or it is reasonable to believe that such force is necessary to resist a like force or threat. Reasonable force, including deadly force, may be used even if an alternative course of action is available if the alternative entails a risk to life or safety, or the life or safety of a third party, or requires one to abandon or retreat from one's dwelling or place of business or employment.


Drake also stated he did not advocate being a vigilante.



Dubuque Self-Professed Drug Kingpin Arrested


Mark Lembo,26, of Dubuque, was Arrested  for possession of methamphetamine with intent to deliver, prohibited person in possession of carrying weapons and ammunition. Dubuque officers found  $5,300 in cash, and 62 grams of meth. Lembo told police that he's the biggest drug dealer in Iowa.

A New Dangerous Opioid Making It Way Into America

August 18th, 2016 9;21 AM


Carfentanil is an animal sedative used to sedate Bears and Elephants.According to experts. This drug a 100 more times powerful than fentanyl and is being cut into heroin in the United State to make it go further.


 Carfentanil poses a serious problem to first responders and law enforcement who are trying to reverse an overdose. So far there has been deaths in Ohio from Carfentanil. People who served had to be given up to several doses of naloxone. So far there has been known overdose cases in Iowa involving this dangerous opioid.


Chicago's murder suspect arrested with heroin 

According to arrest reports, a Dubuque man was arrested on an Illinois warrant from Cook County Sheriff's office for first-degree murder had heroin with a street value of $7000 and a scale at the time of his Arrest by the US Marshall's Service on 17th Street.

Corrie Binns of Dubuque faces additional charges in Iowa District Court of intent to deliver heroin, drug paraphernalia, probation violation and Domestic abuse without injury,

Bond was set at $25,000.


Bins is awaiting extradition to Cook County on Murder

Deputies find man injured in his home.                          August 3rd, 2016

Dubuque Deputies serving papers found Scott Kremeyer, of 9th Street, in his home suffering from a severe head injury and memory loss. According to Dubuque Police, Kremeyer was transported to Mercy Hospital.


Dubuque Police is still investigating and Kremeyeris suffering from memory loss so little is known about when, or how he got injured,

    National Nights Out    August 2nd, 2016

16,000 police departments across the country tonight hosted their National nights out across the country.Dubuque Police came out tonight for their 6th National night' event at Comiskey Park, to have a little bit of fun and discussion to meet the public and talk about crime.


Dubuque residents looked at it as a way to meet officers and intermingle to get to know one another. This year's event has grown, is bigger and better.

Photo Of Dubuque Police Chief  

Mark Dalsing at National Night out

Photo of police enjoying the National night out at Comiskey park.


Officer Neil Dolphin on the right side. Cpl. Kevin Klein in the middle  Cpl. Jason Pace on the left side

Children shooting hoops and playing games at the National Night Out at Comiskey Park

Photo Of National Night Out

Photo Of Paramount Ambulance at The National Night Out

Dubuque man assaulted on Dubuque's north side                  August 2nd 2016

A call came into dispatch 7:12 a.m. Sunday Morning involving a large group of young people in a disturbance. A second call came in from a citizen reporting someone being struck by a tire iron.



Dubuque Police officers arrived on scene at the intersection of East 3Oth and Jackson Street, where they found Calvin Powers, of Dubuque Iowa, injured with a laceration to the head. 


Witnesses identified suspects six young individuals who were arrested and charged with a willful injury. Willful injury is a felony.


Police are searching for additional suspects

Photo of the vehicle that struck the business truck

Photo of the vehicle and the service master clean truck 

"Thank You for the Ones in blue"July 29th, 2016 

Estimated 300 People showed up today to show support for Dubuque area Law Enforcement.  The event was put on by Melanie Pape at Kmart to show her son that not all Law Enforcement is bad. People in attending made signed cards that will be delivered to the Law Enforcement Center next weekend.

Dubuque County Sheriff  Don Vrotsos and Law enforcement Officers at Kmart.

Police found Gun on Dubuque Teen. July 23rd, 2016

On July 15th Dubuque police responded to a disturbance when they found Diangelo Washington 17, of Dubuque. involved in a disturbance in the 1600 block of Central Ave, Washington took off running from police and was caught. Dubuque police officers found a loaded concealed pistol and clip on Washington and he was arrested. 

Washinton has been charged in Dubuque District Court of Dubuque with carrying a firearm and interfering.

Taco Bell disturbance.

Dubuque Police responded to Taco Bell, 3300 Hillcrest Rd. Around 8:43 P.M Sunday 7/17/2016 for a report of a man with a knife. The call came in to dispatch advising a subject has been stabbed and others with weapons according to police scanner traffic upon arrival officers advised that there were no injuries. The disturbance that took place involving a subject flashing a knife in the parking lot that fled the scene. The suspect drove off in his vehicle described as a White Alero with Iowa license plate ENR-253 Registered to a Jarred Glenn at 2325 Radford Road Asbury Meadows Apartment 12. 


Police located the White Alero in the 3200 block area of Hillcrest Rd, Where the Driver was identified as Jarred Glenn the suspect by a witness that was transported to the location. According to reports, Mr. Glenn said he went to Taco Bell to confront a person on a motorcycle that he had issues with the person. 


Police arrested and charged Jarred E.Glenn of 2325 Radford Rd. Apt 12. with assault with intent to inflict serious injury and operating while intoxicated.






Jarred E. Glenn 28 

Photo of Police on the scene at Taco Bell JFK Rd, in the parking lot.

Photo of Police interviewing witnesses at Taco Bells parking lot Sunday night. 

 Illinois man has pled not guilty to charges, arise from shooting on Bluff Street in Dubuque last month. 

Martell Willson 19, of Zion Illinois, entered his plea in Dubuque County District Court Friday. He’s charged with carrying a weapon, going armed with intent, and careless use of a firearm.  Police say that Wilson was caught on a city surveillance camera pulling a gun from his waistband and firing shots in the 1400 block of Bluff Street on June 23rd. Police found shell casings in the yard at 1400 block of Bluff and a bullet was fixed in a garage at 1400 block of Locust Street.

Alleged Mulia Mafia gang leader charged with federal drug charges.

Frank Washington 21, of Dubuque, has been charged in United US District Court of Northen Iowa for selling a controlled substance within 1000 feet of a protected area. 


Department of Homeland Security investigators and Dubuque police with a search warrant checked Washington's home in June and found a scale and 2 ounces of Marijuana in  41 bags 


During a post-Miranda interview, Washington claimed he does not smoke Marijuana, he intended to sell it and he got it from a (Bobby) from Chicago.

According to Dubuque police Washington is the head  of the ( MMG) Mulla Mafia Ganga a local gang with connections to the Black P Stones, of Chicago,


Washington is facing State charges stemming from an incident that took place on Bluff Street on June 23rd. He is charged with 2 counts of harassment and carrying a weapon.

Asbury celebrates their 20th Music in the Park



Story by Christopher Fields
Sunday, June 10th, 2016


Asbury hosted the annual Music in the Park yesterday on a beautiful sunshiny day. The guest was greeted by Asbury police officers and many guests shook hands of the officers thanking them for their service.


What a great day to enjoy an ice cream cone provide free by the US Bank and games, family activities provide by the organizers and sponsors.


There was plenty of great food provided by Boy Scout Troop serving, burgers, hot dogs, and pop, along with Freddies Popcorn, Gelato, and Adult beverages provided by AACRF.


People danced the night away under the stars with music provided by Zero 2 Sixty, one of the area top party bands. 


To this reporter, this year's addition of Asbury Music in the Park was a great success




Zero 2 Sixty 

People enjoying their day at Asbury Music in the Park festival.

June 29th NEWS



In the early morning hours of April, 13th police responded to what appeared to be the remains of burnt crosses burning in a Washington Street Neighbor. Dubuque police have some people of interest and interviews, but no results.


If anyone has information that can help this investigation, please call the Dubuque Police Department.


Phone 563-589-4415

Several Arrests Made Following Recent Disturbances29 Jun

Scott Baxter from Dubuque Police Department

On June 28th, 2016, Dubuque Police arrested several individuals believed to be involved in recent disturbances in the downtown area, some involving weapons & gunfire. These individuals are: 

Frank D. Washington Jr., 21, of 31 East 24th Street, Dubuque 
Charges: Harassment 1st Degree (x2), Going Armed with Intent, Carrying Weapons 

Imla Alvarenga, 18, of 1464 Central Avenue #3, Dubuque 
Charges: Aiding & Abetting: Harassment 1st Degree (x2), Going Armed with Intent, Carrying Weapons 

Vincent K. Williams Jr., 18, of 635 West 11th Street, Dubuque 
Charge: Riot 

Dondre K. Minor, 20, of 483 Loras Boulevard, Dubuque 
Charges: Riot, Probation Violation (x2) 

Jada M. Christen, 18, 1504 Iowa Street, Dubuque 
Charge: Riot 

Tyrone Itson, 25, of 306 Kaufmann Avenue #1, Dubuque 
Charge: Riot 

Juvenile Male, 15, Dubuque 
Charges: Assault, Carrying Weapons

Juvenile Female, 17, Dubuque 
Charge: Riot 

All the above arrestees remain in the Dubuque County Jail or detention facility. The investigation is ongoing and additional arrests are anticipated (see, largely due to video evidence obtained using traffic/security cameras, as well as citizen assistance. The Dubuque Police would like to thank the public for past, ongoing, and future assistance pertaining to these incidents and subsequent investigations. 

As with any criminal case, the charges filed are allegations and any suspects are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law. If you have any information on this incident or others, please call the Dubuque Police Department at 563-589-4415 or Crime Stoppers at 800-747-0117 or 563-588-0714 (if the information leads to an arrest, the caller is eligible for a cash reward of up to $1,000). You can also submit tips anonymously online at or through the MyDBQ smartphone app available




Man Involved in Standoff Arrested


On June 21st, 2016, at approximately 4:30 p.m., a Dubuque County Sheriff’s Deputy located a vehicle occupied by an individual who was the subject of a welfare check issued to area law enforcement personnel.

The individual exited his vehicle on Sky Blue Drive wearing a bullet-resistant vest and armed with a rifle. Despite being ordered to disarm himself, the subject remained armed and retreated into a nearby wooded area. Additional law enforcement personnel responded, established a secure perimeter, and a stand-off ensued. After approximately 2 hours, a negotiator was able to convince the individual to disarm himself, allowing officers to take him into custody. Located inside his vehicle were additional firearms and ammunition. The individual was transported to Mercy Hospital for evaluation and remained there for several days.

On June 29th, 2016, the individual, Ian M. Bonnette, 36, of 12615 Highway 52 North, Dubuque, was arrested immediately following his release from the hospital. He is charged with Carrying a Weapon & Interference With Official Acts. Carrying a Weapon is an Aggravated Misdemeanor punishable by a fine between $625 and $6,250, and imprisonment up to 2 years. Interference With Official Acts is a Simple Misdemeanor punishable by a fine between $65 and $625, and imprisonment up to 30 days. Bonnette remains in the Dubuque County Jail on $26,000 cash bond.

As with any criminal case, the charges filed are allegations and any suspects are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law. If you have any information on this incident or others, please call the Dubuque Police Department at 563-589-4415 or Crime Stoppers at 800-747-0117 or 563-588-0714 (if the information leads to an arrest, the caller is eligible for a cash reward of up to $1,000). You can also submit tips anonymously online at or through the MyDBQ smartphone app available at







On November 27th  20015, Dubuque police responded to a robbery that took place at DuTrac  Community Credit Union, on E.14th St. Shawn Cade Jr., entered the Credit union claiming to be armed and stole cash .


Survivance showed Cade at the credit union.


Cade was charged with 2nd-degree robbery took a plea and plead guilty to 1st-degree thief.Cade was sentenced to 10 years in Prison in Iowa District Court Dubuque County.



Cody Frommelt ,24, was arrested Tuesday on a warrant for indecent exposer . A surveillance camera at Kwik-Stop on 1200 Cedar Cross Road showed footage of Frommelt with his pants unzipped at the regisister. The incident happened May 5th.


Dubuque police were able to identify Frommelt as the man in the Kwik-Stop and questioned him on June 10th,he admitted to exposing himself to the cashier.


TACARI MINIFFE, 19,of Dubuque was returned Wednesday from Maryland and booked on warrants for first-degree murder and first-degree robbery in connection to the Collin Brown Murder case.Collin Brown was gunned down in a robbery that took place on April 2nd of this year at Table Mound Trailer Court in Key West Iowa, by a group of men.


Tacari T Miniffe bound is set at $1 million .


An underage Dubuque teen was cited for driving without insurance , not having a license,failure to main control and reckless driving Tuesday morning according to police accident report.


The accident happened at a apartment complex owned by Melvin and Roseanne Tone Trust .The apartment building address is listed at 2036 Key Way Drive an estimated $20,000 was done to the building. There was also $3000 damage done to a parked car.


The teen was transported to Finley Hospital .





Dubuque County primary election for Sheriff had
two great candidates running for the position
Joe Kennedy and Greg Egan both qualified for
the position. Greg has served in the Sheriff's office since 1988 and Chief Deputy since 2010. We would like to acknowledge Greg's hard work and dedication to the citizens of our county.


Thank You, Greg, for your hard work and dedication.


Now for the winner Joe Kennedy Dubuque County Deputy Sheriff 2000-present.  




Roy Woods Arrested

Roy Woods III of Kauffman Avenue is the man who police arrested in the Washington Jackson Street area on a report of a man flashing a gun at Walgreens in the 21st Street area of Washington Street. Woods was involved in a high-speed pursuit that ended in the Comiskey Park. Woods is charged with driving while intoxicated, eluding, burglary in the third degree, harassing public officials and providing false information.

The injured party was Christine Owens 40 of Dubuque, was taken to Mercy Hospital with possible injuries.



In March, an Employee of Mindframe Theaters violated Iowa liquor License Laws for serving to an underage compliance observer. The check was conducted by the Dubuque Police Department.


 Prior to this Mindframe Theaters had no violations and  paid the $500



Public Input Sought on Body-Worn Camera (BWC) Policy



The Dubuque Police Department is developing an officer body-worn camera (BWC) program. Funding for the cameras is available through the City of Dubuque budget, a Department of Justice (DOJ) grant, as well as donations from concerned citizens. As part of the program, the department is developing an internal policy to offer guidance to officers pertaining to such issues as wearing, use, record retention & dissemination, and other facets of recommended BWC usage. As the department works to develop the policy, it is inviting stakeholders to review and comment on the draft policy. 

The Dubuque Police Department will host a public input session on Tuesday, June 14, 2016, from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. In the Aigler Auditorium on the third floor of the Carnegie-Stout Public Library, located at 360 W 11th Street, Dubuque. The public will be allowed to comment on the draft policy and ask questions to police department staff. 

To obtain a copy of the draft policy, interested people may view and/or download a copy from the City of Dubuque website at: Those without internet access may contact the police department to obtain a copy of the policy, or they may be picked up at the Police Information window in the lobby of the Dubuque Law Enforcement Center located at 770 Iowa Street.





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