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September 22nd, 2021



Wisconsin Man Sentenced to a Decade in Federal Prison for Supplying Stolen Firearms to Dubuque Drug Dealer


Three Men from Dubuque Also Sentenced to Federal Prison for Possessing the Stolen Firearms


A Wisconsin man, who burglarized a residence during the summer of 2016 and then supplied some of the stolen firearms to a Dubuque drug dealer, was sentenced on September 20, 2021, to ten years in federal prison.


Shiloh Michael Wolf, age 23, from Montfort, Wisconsin, received the prison term after a March 17, 2021 guilty plea to one count of possession, barter, and sale of a stolen firearm.


In a plea agreement, Wolf admitted that, in July 2016, he burglarized a residence in Bagley, Wisconsin, and stole ten pistols and revolvers, as well as about 800 rounds of ammunition.  Wolf was a methamphetamine dealer who targeted the pistols and revolvers in the burglary because he wanted to steal firearms that would be helpful in the drug trade.  Later in the summer of 2016, Wolf traded five of the firearms and hundreds of rounds of ammunition to another methamphetamine dealer in Dubuque, Iowa, for cash and methamphetamine.


Over the course of the next several years, Iowa law enforcement officers discovered a number of felons and drug users in possession of the firearms that Wolf had stolen in the burglary:


In August 2016, law enforcement officers searched Jordan Dakota Ness’s home in Dubuque and discovered a revolver and a pistol that Wolf had stolen in the burglary.  Ness was a felon.  In May 2021, Ness was sentenced to 96 months in federal prison.


In November 2016, law enforcement officers found a pistol that Wolf had stolen in the burglary during a search of a car that an unlawful drug user, felon, and domestic abuser, Jeremy Michael Kieffer, was operating in Dubuque.  In June 2017, Kieffer was sentenced to 41 months in federal prison for possessing the pistol illegally.


In January 2019, law enforcement officers recovered a pistol that Wolf had stolen in the possession of an unlawful drug user, John David Orr III, in Dubuque.  In October 2019, Orr was sentenced to 24 months in federal prison.


Two other firearms that Wolf stole in the burglary were discovered during a roadside cleanup in Linn County, Iowa, and following an incident in Clinton, Iowa.  The other firearms remain at large.


Wolf was sentenced in Cedar Rapids by United States District Court Judge C.J. Williams.  Wolf was sentenced to 120 months’ imprisonment.  He was ordered to make $6,000 in restitution the victim of the burglary.  He must also serve a three-year term of supervised release after the prison term.  There is no parole in the federal system.


This case was brought as part of Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN).  PSN is the centerpiece of the Department of Justice’s violent crime reduction efforts.  PSN is an evidence-based program proven to be effective at reducing violent crime. Through PSN, a broad spectrum of stakeholders work together to identify the most pressing violent crime problems in the community and develop comprehensive solutions to address them. As part of this strategy, PSN focuses enforcement efforts on the most violent offenders and partners with locally based prevention and reentry programs for lasting reductions in crime.


Wolf is being held in the United States Marshal’s custody until he can be transported to a federal prison.


The case was prosecuted by Assistant United States Attorney Timothy L. Vavricek and investigated by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and the Dubuque Police Department. 






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September 20th,2021



Dubuque Man Who Sold Opioids that Caused Three Deaths Sentenced to 35 Years in Federal Prison


A man who sold three deadly doses of opioids in April and May of 2019 was sentenced today to 35 years in federal prison.


Travis Gordon Jones, age 40, from Dubuque, Iowa, received the prison term after a  July 29, 2020, guilty plea to one count of conspiring to distribute controlled substances resulting in death.


At the plea hearing, Jones admitted that he conspired with others to distribute the opioids in Dubuque in April and May 2019.  Jones also admire personally sold mixtures of heroin, fentanyl, and a synthetic opioid called valeryl fwasnyl that were used by three individuals who then died of overdoses.  Court records reflect that the first victim died on April 24, 2019.  A heroin customer of Jones’s met with Jones at a bar in Dubuque, after which Jones sold the customer approximately 1.25 grams of a substance that contained heroin, fentanyl, and valeryl fentanyl.  The customer then provided the drugs to the first victim, who took them home, used some of them, and was found dead a few hours later. 


The second victim died on May 20, 2019.  Court records reflect that Julius Irvin was a regular customer of Jones’s and that he regularly purchased heroin from Jones for himself and others.  On May 19, 2019, Jones sold Irvin some heroin laced with fentanyl and valeryl fentanyl, which Irvin was going to provide to one of his customers.  The customer took some of the substance to a local women’s shelter in Dubuque, where she had been staying.  She used the substance, overdosed, and was found dead by shelter staff the next morning.


The third victim died on May 27, 2019.  Evidence at prior hearings showed that Jackie Birch drove her boyfriend, Mateusz Syryjczyk, and the third victim to Jones’s home in Dubuque during the early morning of May 27, 2019.  Birch and the third victim went into the home, where they purchased what was purported to be heroin from Jones.  The three then drove to a hotel in Dubuque, where they all used the purported heroin.  The third victim began to overdose in the room.  Birch and Syryjczyk did not immediately over multiple hours, Birch would occasionally perform CPR on the third victim to restore some breathing function, though the victim never regained consciousness.  Eventually, Birch and Syryjczyk decided they needed to call 911, and Syryjczyk took the remaining drug paraphernalia from the room to prevent law enforcement from finding it.  The third victim never recovered.

Birch was previously months to 4monthss’ imprisonment after her guilty plea to aiding and abetting the distribution of a controlled substance.  Syryjczyk was months to 2monthss’ imprisonment after his guilty plea to misprision of a felony.  Irvin was months to 18monthss’ imprisonment after his guilty plea distribution of a controlled substance resulting in death.


Jones was sentenced in Cedar Rapids by United States District Court Judge C.J. Williams.  Jones was sentenced to 420 months’ imprisonment.  He was ordered to make $21,044.60 in restitution to the victims.  He must also serve a six‑year term of supervised release after the prison term.  There is no parole in the federal system.


Jones is being held in the United States Marshal’s custody until he can be transported to federal prison.


The case was investigated by the Dubuque Drug Task Force and Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Task Force consisting of the DEA; the Linn County Sheriff's Office; the Cedar Rapids Police Department; the Marion Police Department; and the Iowa Division of Narcotics Enforcement and prosecuted by Assist, ant the United States Attorney Dan Chatham. 



















The Jule to Resume Fare Collection and Offer New Payment Options


Aug. 16, 2021 -- For Immediate Release

DUBUQUE, Iowa – The Jule, Dubuque’s public transportation system, will resume collecting fares beginning Aug. 23, 2021.
Riders will have two additional payment options available to them beginning Aug. 23:

“MyJule” Mobile App
The Jule is pleased to introduce the new “MyJule” mobile app that will allow passengers to scan their smartphone for payment when riding the bus. Users can purchase bus passes on their smartphone before a trip and when boarding the bus simply scan the QR code which serves as their bus pass. Riders can purchase an 11-ride pass for $15 or a monthly unlimited ride pass for $45 within the app.
The app also allows users to track the bus, plan trips or save favorite stops, and select the route or transportation mode that works best for them. The “MyJule” mobile app is available for free download on Android and Apple devices and can be found on Google Play and the App Store by searching for “MyJule” in the search bar.

Jule Smart Pass Swipe Card
Riders now also have the option to purchase a Jule Smart Pass, a reloadable swipe card, as a form of payment. Jule Smart Passes are convenient to load before riding the bus, offer balance protection if your card is lost or stolen, and can be reloaded automatically with the auto-buy feature to ensure uninterrupted service.
Users can purchase and load the swipe card with 11 rides for $15 or a monthly unlimited ride pass for $45. Cards cost $1 at time of purchase and $5 if a replacement card is needed. Jule Smart Passes can be purchased and loaded by visiting the Intermodal Transportation Center located at 950 Elm St. in Dubuque. Once purchased, cards can be reloaded in-person at the Intermodal Transportation Center, online at www.juletransit.org/smartpass, or by calling 563.690.6134.
These two new ways to pay are available for all Jule fixed-route busses and are in addition to the options of paying with cash, check, or debit/credit card. 
Seniors aged 65 and over and riders on Medicare qualify for half-fare pricing, and students qualify for free fares on The Jule. To receive discounted or free fares through the “MyJule” mobile app or the Jule Smart Pass swipe card, bring your photo ID, Medicare card, or student ID to the Intermodal Transportation Center.
Paratransit Minibus
The Jule paratransit minibus, an alternative transportation option for passengers who are elderly or disabled and unable to use the fixed route bus system, will also resume collecting fares on Aug. 23. The two new payment options listed above, the “MyJule” mobile app and the Jule Smart Pass swipe card, will not be accepted as payment for paratransit trips. Riders can continue to pay with cash or check at the time of their trip, or new to paratransit riders, pre-load fare money to their passenger account by calling 563.690.6134, visiting the Intermodal Transportation Center, or paying ahead during a trip. Drivers will alert passengers who pre-load fare money when their account is below $10.
Starting Aug. 23, the Jule will discontinue the use of current fixed-route swipe cards and paratransit punch cards as payment. Riders with old swipe cards will need to upgrade to the new Jule Smart Pass swipe card at the Intermodal Transportation Center or select a new preferred method of payment. Paratransit users with rides left on an existing punch card can present their punch card to a Jule paratransit driver to receive credit for unused rides.
For more information, please contact The Jule at 563.589.4266 or transit@cityofdubuque.org. 





200 Dubuque County Medical Providers Asking Public To Get Vaccinated 


Nearly 200 local health care providers representing 12 Dubuque County medical organizations have issued a unified message endorsing the vaccine and urging Dubuque-area residents to get vaccinated against COVID-19. Here is their message:


Dear Dubuque Community Members, 


We, the medical community of Dubuque County, would like to ask you to strongly consider vaccinating yourself, your children 12 years of age and older, and your extended family against COVID-19. 

After living through a year where we lost over 200 of our local patients to COVID-19 – among them fathers, mothers, and grandparents – we are in a situation where we can prevent severe disease, hospitalization, and death from COVID-19 by vaccination. We are fortunate to have sufficient amounts of vaccine to give the one who asks for it. No one has to die of COVID-19, since the current vaccines effectively prevent hospitalization and death from COVID, including the Delta variant. As of June of this year, more than 99% of COVID-related deaths and disabilities were in unvaccinated people and are completely avoidable. The vaccines currently available have been extensively studied and closely monitored and are proven to be safe and effective. 


The 12 - 29 years of age group is the least vaccinated group at this point. Although this age group does suffer the least from COVID-19 infection, they pose the greatest risk to others, as they can spread COVID-19 and its variants among themselves and their families, particularly to unvaccinated members of the community. Moreover, with congregating at the beginning of the school year, this group will significantly increase exposure to COVID-19 and its new variants, which can be brought home to friends and family of each student. 


In addition, we have to anticipate the further rise of the Delta variant of COVID-19 in the community. The Delta variant of COVID-19 has currently shown to be much more infectious than the original strain and leads to more hospitalizations. The current vaccines are effective against this variant of COVID-19. 

Vaccination does not only protect the vaccinated person but also protects others, like family members (e.g. immunosuppressed people), by reducing the amount of the virus that is shed by an infected person in the community. 


We, your medical providers in the Dubuque Community, endorse the vaccine and strongly advise you and your family to get vaccinated to break the cycle of COVID-19 infection and related death and disability. Let’s leave the pandemic behind us and return to a normal life. 


Dubuque and the surrounding communities have done a great job so far with getting vaccinated and our vaccination rate is above average compared to the rest of Iowa and the U.S. However, we are not yet at a point where outbreaks or surges cannot reoccur since we do not have enough herd immunity in the community to shut the spreading of the virus down. 


Please reach out to one of us or the Dubuque County Department of Public Health to talk about the COVID-19 vaccine. We’d be happy to help you protect yourself and your family. 


Your healthcare providers of the Dubuque Medical Community,











Kenneth Sanders


Dubuque Mans Gun Conviction Up Held By US Eighth Circuit Court Of Appeals. A Second Time.




Supreme Court


on petition for writ of certiorari to the united states court of appeals for the eighth circuit
No. 20–6400. Decided June 1, 2021
The petition for a writ of certiorari is granted. The judgment is vacated, and the case is remanded to the United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit for further consideration in light of Caniglia v. Strom, 593 U. S. ___ (2021).

Justice Kavanaugh, concurring in the decision to grant, vacate, and remand.

In this Fourth Amendment case, the Eighth Circuit relied on the “community caretaking” doctrine to uphold the warrantless entry into a home. This Court’s recent decision in Caniglia v. Strom, ante, p. ___, rejected that doctrine as applied to homes. I therefore concur in the Court’s decision to grant, vacate, and remand to the Eighth Circuit in light of Caniglia. As I will explain, however, the Eighth Circuit on remand may still consider whether to uphold the entry under this Court’s longstanding precedents allowing officers to enter a home without a warrant when officers reasonably believe that an occupant is threatened with serious injury. See, e.g., Caniglia, ante, at 1 (Roberts, C. J., concurring); Brigham City v. Stuart, 547 U. S. 398 (2006).

* * *
This case arises out of a domestic disturbance that occurred in Dubuque, Iowa. On February 16, 2018, 11-year-old N. R. called her grandmother and said that N. R.’s mother, Karina LaFrancois, and Karina’s boyfriend, Kenneth Sanders, were “ ‘fighting really bad’ ” and “ ‘they need[ed] someone to come.’ ” 956 F. 3d 534, 537 (CA8 2020). The grandmother called 911 and relayed that information  to the operator. The grandmother also told the operator that two other small children were in the home.

When the Dubuque police officers arrived at Karina’s home shortly thereafter, one officer saw N. R. through an upstairs window “ ‘acting excited’ ” and gesturing. Ibid. Karina then came out of the home to talk to the officers. Karina had red marks on her face and neck and appeared visibly upset. The officers asked to speak with her boyfriend Sanders, and Karina responded that she would have Sanders come outside. When Karina opened the door to get Sanders, the officers heard a child crying inside. At that point, the officers entered the home. They found Sanders just inside the door and an infant in a nearby playpen. They then went upstairs and located N. R., who informed them that there was a gun downstairs and that she had heard Karina yelling, “ ‘Put the gun down! Put the gun down!’ ” Id., at 538. N. R. also told the officers that she had heard what she thought was Sanders choking Karina. The officers then spoke with Karina, who told them that Sanders had a gun and that it could be in a couch on the first floor. The officers found the gun in the couch.

Sanders later conditionally pled guilty in federal court to the federal offense of unlawfully possessing a firearm, preserving his right to appeal with respect to the officers’ warrantless entry into Karina’s home.

On appeal, the Eighth Circuit held that the officers’ entry was reasonable under the Fourth Amendment. The court relied on Circuit precedent recognizing a “community caretaking” doctrine that justified certain warrantless entries into the home. The court explained that the officers “reasonably believed an emergency situation existed that required their immediate attention in the form of entering” Karina’s “home to ensure that no one inside was injured or in danger.” Id., at 539.

The Court today vacates and remands the Eighth Circuit’s judgment in light of Caniglia. In Caniglia, the Court  held that there is no standalone “community caretaking” doctrine that allows warrantless entries into the home. See ante, at 4. Because the Eighth Circuit relied on just such a standalone “community caretaking” doctrine, today’s decision to vacate and remand for reconsideration in light of Caniglia is appropriate.

To be clear, however, the fact that the Eighth Circuit used a now-erroneous label does not mean that the Eighth Circuit reached the wrong result. Caniglia did not disturb this Court’s longstanding precedents that allow warrantless entries into a home in certain circumstances. See ante, at 1 (Roberts, C. J., concurring). Of particular relevance here, the Court has long said that police officers may enter a home without a warrant if they have an “objectively reasonable basis for believing that an occupant” is “seriously injured or threatened with such injury.” Brigham City, 547 U. S., at 400, 403. On remand, the Eighth Circuit will be able to consider precedents such as Brigham City.















On June 6, 2021, at approximately 3:40 A.M., Douglas White, 37 of Platteville, was driving his 2013 Ford Flex, east on Cty O, HarrisonTownship, when he failed to negotiate a curve in the road. Mr. White drove into the south ditch and the vehicle began to roll. The vehicle
came to rest on its wheels and Mr. White was able to climb out of his vehicle. A passerby saw Mr. White walking and gave him a ride to his parent's residence. The Sheriff's Office was notified of the crash at approximately 4:50 A.M. Dickevyille EMS responded to the scene, due to
the injures Mr. White received. As a result of the crash, Mr. White was arrested for Operating While Intoxicated (1st) and was transported to Southwest Health Center for treatment of his non-life-threatening inures. The vehicle was a total loss and was removed from the scene by Donnie's Towing.


**Persons arrested by the Grant County Sheriff's Office are presumed innocent until proven guilty by a court of law. An arrest is only an indication that probable cause exists to bring formal charges.** The names of victims and witnesses to a crime have been withheld by §950.04.

Friday, June 4th, 2021 Dubuque New Year’s Day Shooter Sentenced to Federal Prison Shots He Fired Hit a Man, an Apartment, and a Car

After an argument, a felon shot wildly on a populated street and was sentenced today to over eight years in federal prison.

Derrick Damon Timmons, age 30, from Dubuque, Iowa, received the prison term after a December 17, 2020, guilty plea to being a felon in possession of a firearm.  Evidence at sentencing showed that, during the early morning hours of New Year’s Day 2020, Timmons discussed with another person in Dubuque.  Video evidence showed that Timmons left and then returned to the area, where another felon, Katwan Brown, handed Timmons a pistol.  Brown and Timmons then went inside a residence for a brief time.  When Brown and Timmons returned to the street, Timmons engaged in an animated argument with the other individual.  Someone fired around and people in the area scattered, with Timmons running back into the residence.  After a few moments, Timmons leaned back out of the doorway and shot wildly up the street multiple times, striking one individual.  Timmons fired another of the rounds that struck an occupied apartment nearby, yet another round struck an unoccupied vehicle.  Timmons fled the area after the shooting. 

At sentencing, the judge found that Timmons’s conduct was “reprehensible and incredibly dangerous.”  Timmons had previously been convicted of felony obstruction of justice and a prior misdemeanor crime of domestic violence, domestic abuse assault with strangulation.


Timmons was sentenced in Cedar Rapids by United States District Court Judge C.J. Williams.  Timmons was sentenced to 100 months’ imprisonment.  He must also serve a three-year term of supervised release after the prison term.  There is no parole in the federal system.  Brown was previously sentenced to 96 months imprisonment and three years supervised release.



Traffic Accident Leaves Farley Man Dead 

June 3rd, 2021

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According to an Iowa Highway Patrol report,  Wesley Hames 34 of Farley Iowa was traveling westbound on US Highway 20 traveling on the shoulder when he went into the median, rolled twice crossing into eastbound land coming to rest in a ditch.  Hames was pronounced dead at the scene.  The highway patrol was assisted by Dyersville Police. 

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Dubuque Vaccine Effort


June 2nd, 2021 

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10 more Dubuque County Residents have been fully vaccinated yesterday for a total of 46,933. To reach immunity Dubuque County needs to reach 68,118 70% of the population.


Dubuque has not reached a safe level of immunity yet and we need everyone who can be vaccinated to please do, so we can get back to normal again. Let's keep moving forward.


www.vaccines.gov to find the closest vaccination site near you,



Dubuque Man Arrested After Pursuit

May 30th, 2021


Dubuque Man Arrested After Pursuit


Rashard L. Armour 25 of Dubuque, was taken into custody after a high-speed chase a little after midnight Amour took off from a parking lot from police at a high rate of speed, The Pursuit end near 20th and Jackson Street.Amour is charged with eluding,

3 Caught Burglarizing Vehicles 

May 30th, 2021
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Emmanuel Fountain 18 of Dubuque, was arrested after going through vehicles in the area of the 1600 Block of Washington and Jackson Streets. 


Fountain is charged with burglary 3rd degree - theft from a Motor Vehicle, drug, possession of a controlled substance and interference official acts - bodily injury, harassment 3rd degree, and providing false identification information. 


Two other subjects were located later. No word on their arrest.

3 Rescued from Early Morning Fire In Bernard © Copyright DIP News  May 26, 2021

Bernard Fire Department 
responded to a fire that broke out at the Painted Horse Saloon and second-floor apartments in Bernard just before 1:00 a.m.

Fire crews on the scene rescued 3 subjects out a second-floor apartment window. The 3 subjects were treated for smoke inhalation at the scene.


Fire departments from Cascade, Centralia-Peosta, Epworth, Farley, Key West, and La Motte assisted. 

The Red Cross was called for Assistance.

Another home was evacuated for smoke.

Retrial on its way in Clinton Iowa

May 26th, 2021
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A New Trial on its way in Clinton, Iowa for Fontae C. Buelow, accused of killing his girlfriend in March 2017 in Dubuque.
Fontane Buelow was tried and sentenced in a Dubuque County Court for 50 years for second-degree murder in the stabbing of his girlfriend and always proclaimed innocents, claiming his girlfriend stabbed herself and had mental issues. 


The case was appealed to the Iowa Supreme Court based on the mental records of his girlfriend Samantha Link not being allowed as evidence in the first trial, and Buelow's sentence was vacated, and a new trial was set.


Please follow Dubuque In Pursuit upon the verdict.

Dubuque Memorial Day Veterans Memorial Plazza Parking

May 28, 2021


DUBUQUE, Iowa – Due to parking needs for the Veterans Memorial Plaza rededication ceremony at 3 p.m. on Sunday, May 30, boat trailer parking on Chaplain Schmitt Island will be limited to the boat ramp parking area only on Sunday, from midnight through 6 p.m.

Memorial Day Parade 2021

East Dubuque Illinois will be holding a Memorial Day Parade Monday the 31st. Participants are asked to line up on Wall Street at 9:00 a.m.The Parade will start at 9:30 a.m. And proceed down Sinsinawa Drive.

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